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Nvidia says its cryptocurrency mining limiter ‘cannot be hacked’ – PC Gamer

Nvidia claims that its cryptocurrency hash rate limiter on the upcoming GeForce RTX 3060 12GB graphics card—which is applied in software, not hardware—is unable to be bypassed thanks to a secure handshake between software and hardware.

Specifically, Nvidia tells PC Gamer, in an updated statement for further clarity on the limiter, that it believes “End users cannot remove the hash limiter from the driver. There is a secure handshake between the driver, the RTX 3060 silicon, and the BIOS (firmware) that prevents removal of the hash rate limiter.”

Nvidia had originally left it at “the software cannot be hacked to remove the limiter,” which had left the door open to a little more speculation as to what savvy miners could do to get around the limiter, many of whom are sure to want to run these cards at an unfettered hash rate.

Nvidia is confident that its limiter is up to the challenge, then.

This limiter being one intended to prevent miners from zealously chasing down graphics cards for use in blindly chipping away at cryptocurrency for a heady profit. The main cryptocurrency of choice for today’s enterprising GPU miner is Ethereum, so that’s exactly what Nvidia’s block will prevent RTX 3060 graphics cards from mining. 

The new limiter will halve the hash rate of the RTX 3060 when specific parts of the Ethereum mining algorithm are detected.

The hope for Nvidia, and mild-mannered gamers everywhere, is that the block will remain in place and see


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