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Cryptopedia prediction: 2021 will be the year of crypto-gaming – Ammon News

Ammon News –
The ever-growing gaming industry has been booming for several years now with a turnover in excess of over $33 trillion in 2020.It is worth noting that the mobile gaming industry has reached a turnover of over $74 billion in 2019.

Now the cryptocurrency market is set on a course towards carving a slice of the gaming industry. Introducing new technologies that enable gamers and game developers to capitalize with in-game content-based Crypto-trading and supportive eco-systems.

Introducing Cryptocurrency into the gaming industry is anew tendency that is gathering momentum due to the development of infrastructure technologies such as Non-Fungible Tokens based on Ethereum.

Ethereum has introduced the Smart-Contracts infrastructure into the Crypto-World, yet new emerging coin-based platforms are utilizing the technologies that have now been proven reliable, thus providing a whole new set of finance trading capabilities. The years 2020 through 2021 will see the first large-scale platforms for in-game virtual goods and items which will be capitalized by means of Ethereum NFT technologies. As a consequence, the Crypto currency and gaming industries will be incorporated into one block chain-based gaming industry.

Combining the human tendency for ownership with the long-existing custom of trading in a capitalistic digital universe constitutes the new finance frontier. A frontier that now attracts giant players into the NFT`s based Crypto-capital market. Several large enterprises such as Microsoft`s Minecraft, Roblox`s Sandbox, Decentraland, Atari, Epic Games Unreal, Immutable`s Gods Unchained,have already ventured into these promising financial opportunities.

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