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Video gaming pioneers adopt blockchain platform – Digital Journal

Forte, together with developer partners, is seeking to integrate new economic designs into both existing and future games. Some of these ideas are designed to enhance popular gameplay mechanics like earning in-game cosmetics and player rewards. Newer ideas are to introduce measures like guild ownership and governance. A further application is with offering in-game services (offered player-to-player), together with community-generated experiences, and forms of income generation. Indeed the global video game industry is estimated to havea global worth of $152 billion, with the main markets centred in the Asia-Pacific region and North America, with just China and the U.S.beging the most lucrative, as reported by the website US Gambling Sites). Blockchain technology refers to a digital, decentralized, distributed ledger which functions to record the provenance of a digital asset. Most blockchains are in the form of digital ledgers, composed of records termed blocks. The ledger is used to record transactions across many computers. This process ensures that any entry made into a block cannot be altered retroactively, without the alteration of all subsequent blocks and with each stakeholder being notified. The interest in blockchain is in providing solutions to enhance trust, transparency and auditability. The Forte proposal of developing “community economics” and inserting these into a video gaming platform is intended to enable players to create income potential through the sale of digital goods and in-game services and for supporters


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