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EOS’s Developer Is Providing Enterprise Blockchain Services – Decrypt

In brief

  • Block.one has announced EOSIO for Business.
  • The offering allows businesses to make use of Block.one’s blockchain expertise.
  • Enterprises can choose from a suite of services including a fully functional blockchain platform maintained by Block.one.

Block.one, developer of the EOS.IO software that drives the EOS blockchain, has launched EOSIO for Business—a suite of enterprise offerings that allow organizations to better integrate blockchain technology.

The offering comprises four modes to help businesses build and maintain blockchain-based infrastructure. These include Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS), consulting, technical support, and training and certification programs.

“Despite knowing the inherent benefits that blockchain will deliver to their business operations,many in-house product engineering teams are wary of the complexity involved in setting up and administering their own blockchain,” said Block.one chief operating officer Ted Cahall.

“Our EOSIO for Business customers will be able to work directly with EOSIO experts to ensure that their implementations seamlessly integrate with existing technology, and they will also have exclusive access to the newest EOSIO features and upgrades,” Cahall added.

Chief among Block.one’s new suite of services is the EOSIO BaaS, an automated blockchain platform, entirely supervised and maintained by Block.one themselves. The platform allows businesses to step back from continuous maintenance and focus instead on leveraging a blockchain solution.

The other offerings include technical support, which looks to assess individual company specifications for blockchain implementation. As well as consulting, which provides access to EOSIO engineers for advice on smart contract design and architecture. And, finally, trading and


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